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Sign-Ups for March 2009 Round AND Posting is OK for February 2009!!
Multi by the water
kowaiyoukai wrote in spn_monthlyfic
Hey, guys. This is a double post! Due to the short month and the SPN con coming up, I'm speeding things up a bit. Hopefully this won't cause anyone too many problems. So, posting of your fics is OK from here on out! A whole day early, I know. WOW. :P

AND!! This is the sign-up post for March 2009. So, if you'd like to sumbit a challenge and get one to write, please just reply to this post with your challenge! The userinfo page and the sidebar both have links to show you how to do this. Remember, the format goes on follows:

Pairing or Character:

Remmeber, the format changed so please indicate either one pairing, one character any pairing, or one character gen. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! As always, comments are screened for secrecy. ^_^*


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