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Effective Time Out
my_sam_dean wrote in spn_monthlyfic
Author: my_sam_dean
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 656
Challenge: siriuslyyellow, firefight, comic book, file, "Well, if I had a plan, I wouldn't be asking, now would I?"
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and CW. No profit is being made from this fanfiction.
Summary: After a hunt goes the wrong way, the boys call Bobby.

They made quite a sight. Dean was slumped over on a bed, holding ice on his shoulder. All he could find on the television to watch at that hour was a black and white movie with a firefight. Sam knew Dean wasn't really watching the movie, he was running through the night's events in his head.

Sam sat at the table with his leg up. He had ice on his knee. Neither one of them had escaped unscathed. And the damn thing was still out there, which meant they would be, too. He flipped through the file with the information and looked on the laptop. All of the words just ran circles in his head.

"Finding anything, Sammy?"

"I've got nothing over here. Do you have a plan?" Sam asked.

"Well, if I had a plan, I wouldn't be asking, now would I?" Dean snapped at him.

"I guess you wouldn't." Sam mumbled.

The 'duh' look Dean threw him looked like it belonged on the pages of a comic book. It made Sam wonder if he might have a concussion in addition to the knee injury.

"Was there any clue in Dad's journal?"

"No," Dean sighed. "Now we know it wasn't what Dad was describing since we couldn't take it down. Think we need to call Bobby?"

"Before we take another run at it, we will. We can't call him until morning. Let's call it a night."

Dean nodded. "I'm beat."

They slept soundly that night, even with their aches and pains. The unnamed being had tired them out physically and mentally.

In the morning, Sam dialed the numbers by memory.


"Hey, Bobby."

"Sam. How are you boys?"

"We need some help with research. We are in town but we aren't sure what the name of the creature is."

"You idgits went after it anyway. How bad off are ya?"

Sam couldn't lie. "Scrapes and bruises. Dean's shoulder and my knee are sore as hell."

Bobby was quiet.

"If you can tell us how to end it, we'll be out of town in no time."

"Stay put. I'll bring some books and we'll figure it out from there. You know better than to go after something when you don't know what it is."

"We thought we knew by what Dad had in his journal."

"Oh." Bobby wasn't going to contradict John. "Just rest up. I'll be there in twelve hours, tops. The three of us will exterminate this thing together."

"Okay, Bobby. Thanks."

"No problem, Kid."

Sam clicked his phone shut to find Dean staring at him expectantly. "So?"

"We need to stay put until he gets here. Then, the three of us will hunt it together."

"We're what? Grounded?"

"Think of it as time to feel better so we don't go after this thing when we're not at our best."

Bobby walked into their room and the smell of linament assaulted his nose. Dean had a heating pad over his shoulder. Sam was busy rubbing something into his knee before putting the ice back on.

"Wow. You had your asses handed back to you."

"Thanks for that, Bobby," Dean replied. "Shut the door."

"Sam," Bobby greeted him as he set the books down.

"Bobby," Sam smiled.

"I looked through some books and only found one vague reference to a creature that sounds like the one you're dealing with. I checked the rest of the books and there wasn't much information in there either. I wrote down what I found and figured Sam could work his magic on the high-tech side."

"I'll give it a try," Sam booted up and typed away.

"Mind if I catch a few winks?" Bobby asked.

Dean pointed to the bed he wasn't sitting on. "Be our guest. It might take awhile."

The Winchesters were going to keep hunting as long as they breathed. Bobby would be there for information or backup whenever they were needed. They were his boys.



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