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Supernatural Monthly Fic Challenge

challenge fanfiction for the supernaturally-obsessed

Supernatural Monthly Fanfiction Challenge
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This is a community for fanfic authors who are looking for some inspiration. Obviously modeled after the Harry/Draco communities miettes_desmots (and anyotherknight for starting that comm) and hd_500 (and scarlet_malfoy for starting that comm), spn_monthlyfic is a community where Supernatural fanfic authors can post one challenge a month and receive one challenge to complete in the same month.

This community is only for writing non-wincest (which means either Sam/Dean or Dean/Sam) fic. If you'd like to write wincest fic, please visit our sister community wincest_fic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a fic challenge community, not a fic request community. The difference is that, when giving a challenge, you are not requesting someone to write a specific fic for you. Rather, you are issuing them a challenge to write a fic within your requirements by the end of the month. Just to clarify. ^_^*

The List of Fic Challenges may be of use to you in finding out which fics were written when, what the challenges were, or if you owe anything. Please contact me if you notice an error. Thanks!


The Rule Change and Explanation of Challenges explains all of the rules about challenges, both creating and fulfilling them, in detail. Please read it and contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

- Challenges for fanfiction must be submitted in between the 1st and the 5th of each month. Challenges will be distributed on the 6th. Comments will be screened.

- Each author who makes a challenge for a month will be expected to write a fic for someone else's challenge during that same month.

- Completed fics should be posted to this community in between the 25th and the end of the month. Fake-cuts are allowed.

- Completed fics must be AT LEAST 500 words long. There's no maximum limit, though, and generally the longer the better!

- If you are unable to complete your fic within the month, please contact the mod as soon as possible. I might be able to find a pinch hitter for you, but if not, you'll be expected to put up your fic as soon as possible.

- If you don't submit the challenge you were given to write that month, you'll be unable to take part in another round of exchanges until you post the fic -- no matter how long that might be.

- Joining this comm doesn't mean you're expected to write or sumbit a challenge each month. You can choose whether or not you want to participate on a monthly basis.

- Each challenge will take the form of the following:

Pairing or Character:

You'll be expected to fill in your own username, three keywords that you'd like to be in the fic, one line of dialogue you'd also like to see in that fic, and the pairing or character you want the fic to focus on. All pairings and characters that can be found in Supernatural are fair game. This includes, but is not limited to, episodic girls/monsters, the main characters, the side characters, and any pairings you can think of (het, slash, femmeslash, OT3, etc.).

EDITED RULE: The pairing or character line must be filled out using one of the following three ways.
A- One Pairing. (This indicates the fic must have that one specific pairing in it.)
B- One Character, no pairings/gen. (This indicates the fic must have one character who is not in any pairings. Writing either "no pairings" or "gen" has the same effect.)
C- One Character, any pairing. (This indicates the fic must have a pairing with that one character in it, but any pairing will do. You cannot specify het, slash, or femmeslash.)

So please fill out the challenge you're submitting according to whatever you'd like to see in the completed fic.

- When you post your completed fic, it should be under an lj-cut. The following template should come at the top of each post, before the lj-cut.

Word Count:
Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW. No profit is being made from this fanfiction.
Beta Acknowledgment:

If your fic hasn't been beta read, you can leave out the beta acknowledgement section. However, although it's not required, it's highly encouraged that you get your fics beta'd before submitting them. The challenge section should state the recipient, keywords, and dialogue that you were given. For example, if you receive the following challenge:

Username: kowaiyoukai
Pairing or Character: Meg Masters, gen
Keywords: treehouse, chocolate milkshakes, gopher
Dialogue: "There's no way I'm eating that."

Then, your challenge section should appear like this:

Challenge: kowaiyoukai, Meg Masters, gen, treehouse, chocolate milkshakes, gopher, "There's no way I'm eating that."

- Every effort will be made to exchange people with similar pairings or characters. However, there might be a situation where you will have to write something you're not expecting, such as a fic focusing on a character you don't like or a pairing you don't support. That's in the nature of a challenge comm! Have fun with it -- do something unexpected! If, however, you feel that you absolutely CANNOT write a specific pairing or character, each person is allowed to state ONE pairing OR character that s/he will not write about, and then your challenge will not include that particular character or pairing.

- NO DRAMA. If you don't like the fic you received or if you have any problem at all, contact the moderator, kowaiyoukai. Any flaming or insulting language will get you banned.

- The Crossover Rule: This is a Supernatural-only fic exchange. So, no crossovers will be accepted in a challenge or in a completed fic. Sorry. This rule is because not everyone who signs up will be in every fandom. For example, although you might ship Sam/River, the person who receives your challenge might not have seen Firefly. Then, that person would have no clue who River is, and would end up having to write a fic about a pairing for a character s/he has never heard of. So you see the problem here.

- The Exception to the Crossover Rule: I would really rather not do this. But, on the off chance that you refuse to write anything other than one specific crossover pairing -- and really, then why are you even here? -- this is the loophole for you. If you and a friend both agree to contact me separately and state that you have agreed to write down the same crossover pairing for the same month, then I'll pair you together for that month alone. You are not allowed to exchange the other details of your challenge (the keywords and dialogue). Every month is a new slate -- in other words, you both will have to contact me separately for every month you want to do this. Also, the crossover pairing must be the same one. If you ship Dean/Buffy and your best friend ships John/Roslin, that's great, but you won't be exchanged with each other. Only if both of you ask for the exact same pairing will you be exchanged with each other.

Examples of How Your Prompt Could Be Filled:
a.k.a. why it's not always a great idea to be too specific

So, you decide you want a certain kind of fic. One fic in particular that you've been dying to read, don't want to write, and decide to post up here so you'll read exactly what you want at the end of the month. Here's an example of one potential prompt that reflects this mindset:

Username: kowaiyoukai
Pairing or Character: Sam/Jess
Keywords: first date, ice cream, amusement park
Dialogue: "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel."

Here are five different fics that would fulfill these requirements:

The Obvious: Sam and Jess go on their first date at an amusement park. Sam buys Jess ice cream and then asks if she wants to go on the ferris wheel. Jess says, "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel."
The Angsty: Sam and Jess go on their first date, and it's horrible. Afterwards, Jess feels bad about it and goes to the grocery store to buy ice cream as an apology to Sam. On her way out, she picks up a brochure for an amusement park. She goes back to Sam's dorm and hands him the brochure, saying, "I thought we could go together. Don't you want to ride on the ferris wheel?" Sam replies, "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel."
The Comedy: Sam asks Jess to go on their first date. Jess agrees, but has a horrible addiction to ice cream that she is trying to overcome. When they get to the amusement park, they discover it's hosting an ice cream festival that day. All day long Jess sees the stands and vendors of ice cream everywhere. She gets increasingly twitchy, and when Sam asks her if she wants to go on the ferris wheel to distract her, she replies, "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel," while staring longingly at an ice cream stand.
The Cheater: Sam's dating Jess, but he's on a first date with a different girl who he's cheating on Jess with. He gets back to his dorm and Jess is there with ice cream, thinking they'd have a movie night. Jess sees them together and gets mad, gives Sam an ultimatum which Sam rejects, and they break up. Sam looks relieved and looks back at the other girl. He says, "Do you want to go to the amusement park? We could ride the ferris wheel." She says, "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel."
The Random: Sam and Jess are studying together, and Sam's mind wanders. He remembers the first time he went to an amusement park with John and Dean. John buys them both ice cream and tells them this is where he went on his first date with Mary. Sam sees Jess there, thinks she's pretty, and then John asks Dean and him if they want to go on the ferris wheel, and Sam replies, "Of course I want to go on the ferris wheel."

THE LESSON: If you go into a challenge expecting one certain type of fic by the end of the month, chances are likely you won't be happy with what you get. The best thing to do is to pick your favorite character or pairing, three random keywords, and any line of dialogue that pops into your head, and leave it for the author to figure out what to do with the fic. Also, if you receive a challenge that you really have no idea what to do with, why not spy on the requester's page? Click on their username and see the kind of stuff they're into; it could give you some ideas about what to write. ^_^*


Feel free to leave a comment or message me if you need anything!


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